How To Get Swimming Skill Well

a. Swim Regularly
Routine practice several times a week helps improve swimming skills more quickly than longer sessions which take place with less frequency.

b. Use specific drills in practice sessions
Try to swim the same amount of distance each practice sessions and utilize the same same methods and drills. This should apply to way you leave the wall and conduct your turns as much as it does the particular techniques of the strokes you want to improve.

c. Time our swimming with a waterproof watch or by watching the clocks visible at most public swimming pools
Set goals for yourself depending how quickly you can swim a given distance and then work on improving those times.

d. Incorporate flippers in your practice
While you should not use them all the time, they do help perfect your body position and strengthen your leg muscles. When you remove them, try to maintain the position they give: you will find that your speed and technique both improve.

e. Record your swimming record with video camera
It allows you to study your form and identify areas which can use improvement.

f. Watch your hand movements as they enter the water while you are swimming.
You want to slice them like knives and drive them in right about at you’re your eye-line, then drive them forward through the water from there. This will improve the efficiency of your stroke. Cupping your hands also allows you to pull yourself through the water. If you leave your finger spread out, you lose valuable traction.

g. Work on minimizing your kick in the water.
A lot of energy is wasted when your kick is too broad, but if you want keep the movement to a minimum, you will improve not only your speed, but the balance of your body in water as well.


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